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Kindall Evolve cultivates extraordinary leaders and inclusive work cultures through leadership coaching, DEI consulting, and training.

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“There’s nothing better than achieving your dream goals! With Jackie, you will do just that! She loves the work she does and the transformation of her clients.”

Is Your Organization Evolving?

Over my 30+ years of experience working with leaders and teams, I’ve seen that most companies struggle with:

Maintaining a healthy culture​

  • Reducing high turnover
  • Resolving interpersonal conflicts
  • Improving productivity
  • Increasing morale and engagement

Developing leaders

  • Setting new leaders up for success
  • Building inclusive leadership capacity
  • Fostering inclusion and equity for diverse teams
  • Leading with emotional intelligence

Building & sustaining DEI

  • Achieving and implementing DEI practices successfully
  • Attracting, retaining, and promoting talent inclusively and equitably
  • Innovating and scaling for long-term growth

Until organizations strengthen their inclusive leadership capacity and change their outdated organizational cultures to be more diverse, equitable, and inclusive, they will continue to struggle. Unfortunately, there’s no quick fix.

It’s an evolution.

When Organizations Evolve, Everyone Thrives

Hi, I’m Jackie Kindall, CEO of Kindall Evolve. 

Change is inevitable if you want to thrive. 

I’ve experienced firsthand that leaders and organizations who reinvent themselves successfully transform their businesses.

How do they do it? By prioritizing and committing to training and developing leaders, being intentional about their organizational culture, and investing in sustainable Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) practices. 

Kindall Evolve guides leaders and teams to build an inclusive, equitable, and diverse culture through partnership and authentic connection.

Our approach produces consistent results — conscious leaders, engaged employees, high-performing teams, and sustainable growth.

Take the first bold step to become the evolved organization your team desperately needs.

How You Can Work with Us

We help organizations build leadership capacity and healthy organizational cultures.

Leadership & Executive Coaching

Lead with confidence, clarity, and compassion.

Organization Consulting

Transform your organization’s culture to build healthy work relationships and a high performing team.

Learning & Development Programs

Drive tangible growth through comprehensive learning systems.

DEI Consulting

Build an inclusive organization where a culture of belonging, trust, equity, and collaboration drive results.


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